Childrens' Dance Classes


We have a limited amount of places in our upcoming September Term please contact us asap to enquire about your chosen class


We have a limited amount of places in our upcoming September Term please contact us asap to enquire about your chosen class


The Royal Academy of Dance

“The Royal Academy of Dance exists to develop and promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally”.

Founded in 1920 The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations. The RAD syllabus is taught in 79 countries and is the largest examining body of Classical Ballet world- wide.

The RAD offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to motivate, encourage and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement in dance.

The RAD offers Graded assessments at pre- primary level and graded examinations and assessments from Primary level to grades 1-8.

The RAD Graded examination syllabus focuses on Ballet including elements of freer and progressive styles, appropriate for today’s dancer. Character dance is also included which are theatrical versions of national dances and are widely used in Ballet repertoire.

The RAD also offers Vocational Graded Examinations which build on the elements covered in the graded syllabus, focusing on performance of Ballet to an advanced standard, and is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in dance.

The RAD is committed to maintaining high standards and quality among their teaching members and ensures that their teachers continually update and improve their knowledge and skills throughout their professional life

The Ballet classes will also work towards shows and performances.


At Kinetix Dance we offer a chance for children to experience lots of different styles of dance. We look at Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial dance throughout the dance year along with the ever popular Hip Hop. We think its important to expose the children to lots of different styles so they can find their feet. They soon discover if its the structure of Jazz that suits them or the freedom of contemporary, but most of the time we find they just like to move to the music, whatever style it may be.


Be a part of one of the most popular styles around. Hip Hop has the freedom of expression unlike Ballet & Jazz there isn’t a name for every step or a syllabus to follow. Hip Hop is about creativity, dynamics, vision, rhythm and looking down right cool.
Dancing to all the out now tunes by artists such as Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber and many many more, the list goes on. Dance hard enough, practice harder and one day it could be you on MTV.